So! Since I’m volunteering at my local animal shelter, I’ve decided to do adoptable pet spotlights on here with the babies that are available for adoption! I mainly work with dogs, but if anyone has questions about cats or kittens or bunnies and other “little critter” type pets, let me know! 

This is Orson. He’s a staff. terrier located at Saving Grace in Roseburg, Oregon (about 45 minutes south of Eugene). He loves walks, running, playing fetch and adores snuggling on your lap and tummy rubs! He adores looking up at you as you pet him with a smile on his lil face. He’s one of the sweetest babies, though very high energy and needs a little work on training- but he’s very smart. I taught him “stay” today as he already knew “sit” and within 30 minutes, no vocalizing was necessary to get him to stay. Just a hand up in stop sign form. Once again, this baby is available at Saving Grace in Roseburg, Oregon.